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Day Five - Valley of Fire

Before I left Zion, I checked out the "neary by attractions" board since, why not? Maybe there was something cool we could stop at. One, Valley of fire, was near Vegas (and on our way), and looked pretty cool. I mentioned it to E, who also liked the idea. But then, we made it by so late that it was closed.

The next morning, though, we woke up early. We had two choices for the morning. Explore Vegas or explore Valley of  Fire. Guess which we chose? ^_^

Valley of Fire has some really cool rock formations. It's also known to be one of the hottest places in the world. We were lucky. It was overcast, raining, and maybe only 60 or so when we were there!

E by rock formations.

In addition to its super cool rock formations, Valley of Fire is known for its petroglyphs. There's an impressive series up at Atali rock.

Atali rock petroglyphs.

Perhaps the most amazing, though, is an entire corridor filled with petroglyphs. (Mouse's Tank - named here for an outlaw who lived out by a small pit that gathers water.)

Petroglyphs by Mouse's Tank. There were SO MANY of these lining this corridor. Obviously this was a gathering place of some sort - although whether it was sacred, a library, or the equivalent of an 8th century bathroom wall, I have no idea.

Mouse's Tank itself. Filled with stagnant water.

We didn't have a huge amount of time to explore (I had to catch a plane). But it was well worth a visit.

I also liked the sherbet colored rocks.
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