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Grand Canyon - Day One - The Rim

After getting into Vegas the night before, E and I woke up very early to buy groceries and make it out to the Grand Canyon. The drive was typical desert loveliness (I think I liked it better than E, although he got to appreciate it towards the end), but nothing too spectacular. It took about four hours, but after that, we made it to the Grand Canyon, parked, and went out to have lunch at Maher point.

(I've had far worse views at lunch, just saying.)

We promptly ate then started hiking around the rim towards Yavapai point, where there's a nice little geology museum.

(Here we are at the rim. Does my hat make me look silly? I don't care. I shall preserve my pallid Seattle-ite complexion!)

(Even though it's 'off season', there are still a TON of people at the major view points.)

(Yeah, I'm not sure why I was even vaguely iffy about this trip...)

(We also caught glimpses of the paths we'd walk tomorrow. This is part of the South Kaibab trail that we'd see far more intimately in less than 24 hours.)

(It's a dramatic backdrop, now isn't it?)

(And more amazing vistas.)

(I love how you can see the paths you'll later take from the top. This one proved deliciously tempting.)

(We had some fun with the touristy stuff, too. E is now pretending to fall to his death.)

(I may lack the acting talents...)

This bird set up shop and seemed really eager to poop on at least one passerby...

Anyway, we made it to the Bright Angel Lodge, checked out all the super old rocks (and geology museum) and went to bed early with the hopes that the next day we'd be up for surmounting the challenge of THE GRAND CANYON!!!!!!!!!
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