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Grand Canyon and Zion - Day Three - Zion!

The nice part about the drive from the Grand Canyon to Zion is that it's almost all through national park. You head along the south rim, then wind further off until you cross Navajo Bridge (passing by Antelope Canyon and Lee's Ferry along the way). Then you're on the north rim and not far from Zion whatsoever. It's a very scenic drive.

E is hanging out at one of the many stops along the way.

Another scenic vista. They really don't get old.

The winds were strong, so my skirt blew all over the place. Fun times. :)

Along the way, we ran into this odd ball place. It has various stone structures built (I think pretty recently - maybe 1920s or 1950s?) and seems to exist mostly for the purpose of giving something to do along the route to Zion.

FWIW, E liked this place a lot. I thought it was hokey, but he was having fun. ^_^

Marble Canyon - which we drove along by.

After a few hours, the scenery changed dramatically! This is apparently now Zion and part of the chessboard.

We then passed through a tunnel. When we emerged, we were in the main part of Zion - a land of winding rivers, red cliffs, and lush hanging gardens.

Once we got there, of course we (well, mostly I) wanted to hike. There was an easy to moderate hike called Emerald Pools. It was...less appealing than the pictures. (The pools were rather stagnant.) but it was still fun.

More lovely hanging gardens.

Water surges out of the rocks, creating waterfalls from nowhere. It's pretty cool. ^_^

The pools aren't stupendous, but are rather pretty. This is the middle pool, where I left E to go exploring the upper pool. (He wasn't up for the scramble.)

Me, at upper emerald falls. It's not much of a hike, but not super exciting, either.

As twilight fell, the valley took on some lovely shadows.
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