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Oooh, so looking at the various cosplay releases and wondering whether it would be worth trying either Cassandra or Vivienne. I'll admit that Vivienne is more my normal costume type, but Cassandra looks so freaking awesome. Hmmm. Hard decisions.

Cloth Decisions
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Anyway, so Cute Guy has finally set a time to move up. (Late next month.) Yay! As a  negative, this means that I'm like, "OMG, I need to get projects finished so that he doesn't wander into the horrifying place I call my apartment and be like, "WTF is this mess?" (He'd be more polite but still...)

Which means I've been working like crazy to get some projects finished/underway.

The fabric for Elsa came in on Friday, so dyed it on Saturday...

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Have not posted in like the last million years or so, but...
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Anyway, am still alive. So far, so good. Move progressed smoothly. (I have a ton of pictures that I sort of meant to post and may eventually, but not sure how exciting they really are in retrospect.)

Am adapting well to new area + new job. Still with Cute Guy, who sent me some totally ridiculous flowers yesterday. (Because ridiculous is what he does best. :)

Am continuing to write and edit, but nothing especially exciting on that front. (Alas.)

Am also working on a couple of costumes. Am trying to come up with something for whatever conventions come up over the next few months. Am thinking Elsa from "Frozen", since while I suspect she'll be overdone to excess, whatever. It's got sparkles. I'm already sold. (And have found the rectangular turquoise sequins I need for it, so what the hell. Why not? Now I just need a massive source of sparkles for her crazy cape.) I'm also tempted to use all my scrap leather in trying to come up with some version of the Seeker armor from DA:2/DA:I, but am still trying to figure out whether I really want to get myself involved in that insanity!

How are all the rest of you?

Imperial Agent Costume
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Gah, have not updated this blog in like forever. But am still working on costumes little by little...

Anyway, as we all know, have been playing far too much SWTOR. I wanted to do a chiss agent since, IDK, why not. (Oh, yeah, because I loathe body  paint....)

Since Bioware is made of people who do not get that clothing are not glued to their bodies, all the outfits look well...painted on. I wanted to try and capture that, so made everything out of lycra. (So it can be well...painted on.) I went for this vs. spandex as I liked the more muted color.

Of course, there wasn't actually lycra in the colors I wanted. They had a nice dark gray that would work for most of the costume, but the green was rather vivid, as was the white:
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Dragon Con
So yay!  Dragon Con is coming!  (And I'll be going as like, it's fairly close to me right now, even if I get a job by then, it won't have started and...why not?)

Most of my stuff is packed (boo), so I'm trying to figure out how to put together a good costuming wardrobe from the bits of stuff that aren't packed.

Stuff that's unpacked includes:

The White Queen
One showgirl costume
And some random leather scraps

On top of that, for reasons not entirely understood by me, crazy boy wants to dress as Wesley and Buttercup (from the Princess Bride) for I've ordered the fabric for Buttercup's wedding dress.

I'm not sure that I want to wear Ashley, as it's warm and not quite finished.  Which brings me down to three solid costumes that are finished, one that will hopefully be finished and...leather scraps.

Is your mind going in the same direction as mine?  ^_^

Because I'm totally thinking I  have enough to pull off:

And, bet I could do it in an afternoon if I felt like it.  (Plus, it would be really comfy in Atlanta in August.  JFC, D*Con...why then?)

Think I should do it?  ^_^

Fun Little Gems
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So, still living in Louisville. Interviewing for jobs and keeping my fingers crossed and all that.

One interesting thing, though, is that I've decided it's time to get a library card know, books.  Anyway, I went looking for libraries within walking distance and found one about a mile away that I wandered off to today. Now normally a trip to the library wouldn't be all that interesting...but as I got my card, the library remarked that I ought to see the downstairs room.  So I found another librarian to take me since...hey, I have time and why not?

Apparently the library was founded as a colored library, back in 1908, and is one of the first of its sorts. (If not *the* first. I'm forgetting all the details.) The downstairs room is filled with this odd amalgam of books that in some way relate to African American history.

What's fun is that it's *such* an odd amalgam. In the very rare, please don't touch section, are original books of essays on "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and an original "The Confessions of Nat Turner", as well as something about "Negro Soldiers Regiment" (which regiment? Which war? Yargh, I'm curious!!!!). But then even the non-rare books sections has all kinds of odd ball stuff. There was one that described a lengthy study trying to explain whether black or Italians made better farm laborers (and, of course, used new fangled industrial engineering techniques to try and prove the difference), books of plantation songs, and an odd treatise from 1919 decrying Christianity as an imperialist cultural conquest of the blacks. (Which is interesting as it used a lot of language being found in Russia and Germany at the same time to complain about English/French cultural imperialism.  I'd actually like to go back and read the whole thing.  Really curious about its author.)

The librarian, too, was really entertaining. She took so much pride in showing off her collection. (Which really is a gem.  I have to imagine that there aren't copies of some of those books, which really does make them precious.) It's always pretty cool to go off wandering and find something like that...  

BayCon, etc.
So, it looks as though I'll be in the Bay Area over Memorial Day, baring anything more exciting/important.


1. Does anyone who is there want to meet up?

2. Would BayCon be a good place to meet up? (Or another con. I could do Fanime or whatever.)

Mostly I just figure that it would be great to see all of you, I know that there are a TON of conventions that weekend, and I'd prefer to go to the one where I'll actually see some of my friends!

Oooh, awesome!
So four of the stories I picked made it into Allegory this month.  I'm sure that sounds incredibly silly, but I always take a certain amount of pride in being able to point to a story and say, "I totally picked that one."  Reflected glory and all that.

(In case you were wondering, 8 stories appear each quarter, so that's a LOT.  With that said, last time 0 made it.  So my hit rate is often no better than that of the people submitting.)

Imperial Agent Costume
Vaguely hoping that updates will get me back into actually finishing some of my costumes! (Esp. Ashley, which is *nearly* done.)

Anyhow, I made the whole thing out of cotton lycra, as Bioware likes the look of costumes that are painted on and nothing was going to give me that effect other than something stretchy. (And I went for cotton lycra as I wanted something matte vs. something really shiny like spandex.)

Of course, there is no cotton lycra sold in the colors I wanted to dye!

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Pretty easy and kind of fun, in its own nerdy way. Now ready to cut and sew!

Science Fiction Rant
Gah, so reading through a bunch of award nominated "science fiction" stories, and wondering WTF has gone wrong with the genre.

Let me back up and start the rant in the proper place.

Science fiction = fiction in which if you remove the not currently existing science/technology, the story falls apart.  The science can be pretty far fetched stuff (i.e. if we met aliens that were hyper intelligent plants, how would we react to them?) or near future stuff (*cough, what would it be like if you could fit a computer on your wrist*). But science/technology is integral to the genre.

Speculative fiction = fiction that's not based in reality.  So as long as there's *something* about it that doesn't exist in our present or past, it's speculative.  This covers a *wide* range of genres, including science fiction, fantasy, most horror, and magical realism.   (Probably even alt history, although I'm hesitant to put historical romances under the umbrella of "speculative fiction", despite that they probably fit there despite widely divergent audiences.)

Pretty simple, right?

Now one would assume that all stories nominated for a science fiction award would adhere to the first definition, correct?  Baring that, they'd at least hit the incredibly broad definition for speculative fiction, no?

I'd like to think...

Instead, about a third of the award nominees appear to be "family from a non-white cultural background sitting around and talking about their traditions".

Now I'm not going to complain about the stories, per se, as most are actually pretty good.  And science fiction genuinely needs more characters who are non-white-men, because white men are a rather limited subset.  But a foreign culture =/= something that does not exist in present reality (at least not when it's an identified culture that actual exists like, say, Malaysians or Han Chinese).  And to say that is...well, in my mind, more than mildly offensive.

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